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The story of how Follia came about is closely linked to my personal passion and vision for fashion. My name is Floriana Lia and at the age of 25 I realized my dream of starting my own fashion brand. My deep interest in the fashion world led me to the decision not only to be part of this fascinating industry, but also to actively shape it and bring about change.

My goal with Follia was to differentiate myself from other brands. I strived to create stylish and unique two-piece suits that are both wearable in everyday life and balance comfort and aesthetics. Quality was the focus of my efforts. I wanted to offer outstanding products at a fair price and with this philosophy I launched my first collection.

The path to realizing my vision was not easy. I learned a lot on this journey, had to accept mistakes and faced numerous challenges. It took time for everything to turn out the way I imagined it - proof that patience is a virtue, especially in the fashion world.

Finding the perfect name for my brand was another challenge. After considering many options, I finally chose "Follia". The name, which means "madness" in Italian, not only reflects my creative designs, but also includes my last name "Lia", giving it a personal touch.

After all the obstacles I had to overcome, it is a great pleasure for me to present you the first designs from Follia. I am proud of what I have achieved and hope that my brand can build a bridge between customers and the extraordinary world of fashion.

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